What format is valid to import rows?
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I am trying to import a csv file of rows from airtable but it shows that pretty much all rows all invalid. I tried importing a similar one before and it worked. So I am not sure where the problem is and how to verify this. Also, I want to update an existing table, how will that be without replacing the whole thing? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1222526862807531540/1222526862987624518/Screenshot_2024-03-27_at_2.43.24_PM.png?ex=661689dd&is=660414dd&hm=89dc72778d350f78d39770b8cb86c2b6d3cf24bd038c84d0efbd18f69573d74f&
Can you show us how the naming convention on your tables ?
it is best practice to avoid any form of spacing
camelCasing is preferred where we leave no spaces inbetween words while capitalizing the next except the first: - newPricePoint, finalAge, dateofBirth, timeofDay etc.
Thanks a lot!
I copied and pasted it and it worked
awesome, glad I could help 🙂