I want to integrate the botPress bot with the zend...
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Suppose we have created multiple bot flows and set their intent in the botpress. Also, we have set the Bot intent in the Custom dropdown as an option. When the User Open the new request form when he fill the custom fields will it possible when the user select the dropdown option and intent hit and PopUp the bot flow. Also, i want to send the custom field values to the conversation.
What do you mean by pop up the bot flow
By intent, do you mean the intent card?
Hello @glamorous-guitar-39983
I just created a workflow in botpress and integrated in zendesk, While testing it does not show the workflow i created in botpress.
I never really tried using zendesk with Botpress but I can try this evening
Okay, Let me know what you find.
Actually, tomorrow I spent almost all my evening helping someone else lol
If @fresh-fireman-491 wants to take care of the matter tomorrow, you're in better hands for help 😄 I don't know much about Zendesk integration, but I'm pretty sure he knows a good amount about Zendesk integration ❤️
I actually know nothing 🙂 There are these 2 videos though