Bot answers "What is IR35?" but not "what is IR35?...
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I have added a KB document with Q&A format in a couple of ways but it hasn't solved it: Question 2: what is IR35? Answer 2: IR35 is a term that refers to.. what is IR35? IR35 is a term that refers to The bot just wont be usable if users have to use perfect grammar for it to answer, and training it doesn't work. Also had the same issue where a user asked "shareholder agreement" this is more understandable but again added this to the KB with no impact. Interestingly if I ask it "what is a shareholder agreement?" It does answer that. If I query the knowledge base directly using the "Ask Question" feature it answers all these questions correctly! I have checked and the Question Node is connected to the correct KB (there is only one, and proven by it answering other questions like "what is an EOT?"