Bot doesn't transition to the next card - stops on...
# 🤝help
While testing, I noticed that there might be a problem with the KB agent. I added Rich Text content, but for some reason, it disappeared. That might be the GUI issue. Nevertheless, the reason the Agent stops responding is an error in the KB. In my case, the problem was with an empty Rich Text, which caused the bot to hang. Please verify if the NULL value is not causing this problem.
If anybody will have problems with hanging bots, please verify your KBs - they might have wrong characters, or missing content. Previously there was also a problem with tables.
SUGGESTION: Test your bots with a single KB entry. For example, type in one sentence (never copy/paste for testing) and use exactly this sentence to test your bot. If that works, you can continue adding content to your KB and occasionally check if it works. This might save you some headaches.
Happy bot building 😉
Regarding the ISSUE: may ask why there is a problem with the KB? I added the Rich Text content and I use exactly the same sentence marked as H2 in KB but the Agent is not able to return the correct answer. BUT When I enter the KB and ask question I get correct answer. Looks like there is some cache preventing answers from KB Agent - like Agent didn't have access to the current content in KB. Am I correct? If yes, then how long do I have to wait for the data to be available to the bot?
Hey @square-toddler-30705 , Do you have tables in your KB?
Hi @famous-jewelry-85388 , Sorry for the late response. I don't have a table directly in that KB with rich text. I have tables in a FAQ KB. Whenever I query the KB, I use both Tables and Rich Text to get the result. So, even if I use the same sentence from Rich Text as a question, the result is not as expected. If I go to the KB with rich text, I get a 100% precise answer. Nevertheless, I think I get your point - the tables give faster and better results (somehow) than the exact match in Rich Text. So, it might look like there is a priority list, for example, tables = 1, Rich Text = 2, Website = ... - with 1 being the highest (first) priority. Does it make sense?
Hey, What I wanted to say was, there was an issue in the tables on that day 🙂
How is it going for you now? @square-toddler-30705
So far, tables work, thanks. Now I have a different issue. I made a mistake, and I copied/pasted the card to make it easier for me, but now I keep getting problems. Whenever I change something in the flow, the copied cards get disconnected or even the connections change automatically to some other cards. I don't know what is going on. I will try to clear the cache and try again.
Export your bot (backup), delete the card and start from scratch