As we have talked about here earlier, it's SUPER g...
# 🌎general
As we have talked about here earlier, it's SUPER good that something like this BotpressBot is being developed One idea might be to have a separate channel, "Ask the BotpressBot," with instructions stating that this channel is all about testing BotpressBot and providing answers in a few seconds to basic Botpress-related questions. Start your message with "Hi @BotName" to trigger the bot. That would save so much time for the community from having to answer the same beginner-level questions many times, and those new here could get answers fast without searching, asking, or creating a new Help post for a simple question. And as the BotpressBot evolves, it can answer more and more complex questions correctly 🔥 🛠️ 🤖 The testing channel could be only for the testing period until no one, not even Decay, thinks that it gives slightly incorrect answers, even though OpenAI seems to have that bot channel as a permanent solution. If the BotpressBot participates in every channel, post, and thread but mostly offers slightly incorrect answers or starts helping but stops after 5-6 questions, it can be a bit frustrating to correct those answers. Anyway, I'm ALL-IN for welcoming something like that as a permanent Botpress Assistant here 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥