Query Knowledge Base card problems
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This is the result. The first question should have been found in the KB but wasnt, and the second question should not have been found in the KB, but apparently was. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1224578697168683039/1224579092049825812/emulator.png?ex=661e0127&is=660b8c27&hm=851504b69c0501604513cdc166faa5b32654732c065a6639946f0e37b4b79a17&
Sometimes it picks up the "pension transfer" question, but only if the input is worded very spefically. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated!
Can you try and ask it a question, not just "pension transfer". Maybe something like "What is pension transfer"
still has some trouble, im wondering why it has a hard time figuring out what information to give the user. Is it my KB formatting or the information in there? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1224578697168683039/1224593523312164884/emulator1.png?ex=661e0e97&is=660b9997&hm=72c060bc036849ad01c5d61a8709020a626d19ce2655c6bb1a3923fd25d26efd&
I have made it much more efficient by using the company website as the KB, but what do you think the issue was here for future?
I discovered using PDF as KB rather than websites makes it more efficient so I prefer it. Probably you could use ask for relevant information to be put together in a PDF and then sent to you.
I have exact same problem. you have 2 options. You can add ai task in between and put a prompt to react on that situation for example something like this. (Go through the answer from the knowledge agent, if the answer is complete, do nothing and store the answer inside of the variable. If there is no answer, come up with a way to tell the user that you can not find an answer to their question. Tell it as polite as you can. When a question is not about chatbots, ask if you can assist with something related to chatbots.) Or second option you can add ai task and 'tell him ' by task example how it should react on that
Yeah i ended up using AI tasks, so the Query Knowledge Base card tries the KB, and if that fails it falls back onto an AI task filled with info on how to handle the query, usually giving a general answer about the business instead. It’s annoying and sometimes isn’t perfect but will do for now i think.
Ok cool