Carousel Display Problem
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Hey everyone, I'm currently facing two minor display issues that I hope someone can help me with. Firstly, as shown in the attached photos, the arrow of the carousel isn't displaying in full size in the first image. However, it appears correctly in the second image. Does anyone have a solution for this? Secondly, I'm looking to change the color of the 'Ouvrir' button, but I'm unsure how to do it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Here's the carousel code: const createCardForProduct = (product, index) => ({ type: 'card', title: { dynamicValue:
, valueType: 'dynamic' }, subtitle: { dynamicValue:
${product.Bail} - ${product.Prix} 💰 / mois - ${product.surface} m2
, valueType: 'dynamic' }, imageUrl: { dynamicValue:
, valueType: 'dynamic' }, actions: [ { action: 'url', label: { dynamicValue: 'Ouvrir', valueType: 'dynamic' }, value: { dynamicValue:
, valueType: 'dynamic' } } ] }); const carouselItems =, index) => createCardForProduct(product, index));, { type: 'carousel', items: carouselItems });
Hey there, I can't see the bot that you are talking about, but check this message, if its a part of the carousel
Can you list the steps on how to reproduce the arrow issue
Thanks i will look into that
The sizing of the right arrow in the first carousel isn't good; it's not fully visible within the frame. However, when I click to switch to the other carousel, the left arrow is displayed correctly. Do you have a solution for this problem ?
I am pretty sure its the first one
Thanks mate I will check that 😄
Sounds good, let me know if it works for you
Found the solution mate, just needed to ad : .slick-next { right: -10px; }
in the style sheet
thank for your help 😁
Amazing! You're welcome!