message at the end of the response
# 🤝help
Hi, when the bot answre some questions it usually send some message at the end saing that the info of the message is based on the context and it can be inaccuret. Is that a way to disable that message whithout the personaliti agent?
can you show me some examples of this happening?
Is the same message, but the first one is in portuguese beacause of the personality agent
is the message in PT because of the translator agent, you mean?
is there a reason you don't want to use the personality agent?
you could try appending some details/context about the knowledge bases either directly within them, or within the settings of the knowledge agent itself
i.e., this information is complete, do not tell them to reach out, do not append any information to your answers, etc
this is just GPT doing its thing, unfortunately, it's not a Botpress setting
thanks for the ideas! I'm have to finish some other work projects at the moment, but I believe that by tomorrow I'll be able to carry out some more tests I'm avoiding to use the personality agent because I need some answers exactly as they appear in the KB, so not using the personality agent is generating a better result for now
yeah gotcha, makes perfect sense
do test out a few of those things, this is really just a case of coaxing GPT to get it to behave how you want