So, I used to build Linux servers for companies be...
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So, I used to build Linux servers for companies before I started my blockchain journey more than 5 years ago. I was not the best blockchain developer, but I was almost the only one (available) who could combine blockchain tools and coding with Linux servers effectively and also build those to be secure. That's why I managed to build automatic solutions which used to cost a lot (for example, that auto-staking for tens of thousands of blockchain users) for just a fraction of the cost, so that the small teams could also use that. And suddenly, I had more work and job offers than I ever needed (or wanted). Almost two years ago, I noticed that companies started to ask us to build servers with possible AI functionality, not that they needed it, but in case that's ever needed in the future (we know how that turned out). At that time, I decided to start learning AI, where I started building some simple projects for my own use. I used to build chatbots (and other messenger apps as well) without Botpress, years ago with WebSockets. Not professionally and not for any company, but just for friends and co-workers because I liked to practice building those. Little did I know at the time that all those hours for months were going to pay off years later with AI chatbots and Botpress blockchain projects.