Accessing KB's it was not supposed to
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Hey there guys I created a chatbot that has kind of a login system to separate paid users from free users and paid users when talking to the chatbot have access to extra KB with private information that free users must not access. However when I do a conversation in the paid members path and then end that convo and start one in the free members it knows how to answer some questions with information from the paid members KBs. When i use the emulator I can't recreate the error which is weird. I would like to know if someone has any insight on this since this is basically the core functionality when implementing a user distynction system. Thanks!
Hey can you create a problem report so I can have a look at your bot structure? @square-energy-41150
# Sending a Problem Report Here's how to send the Botpress Team a problem report: 1. In the Botpress Cloud Studio, locate the "Help" icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. 2. Click "Report a problem" and follow the steps on the screen. 3. Copy the Report ID to your clipboard and provide it to a member of the Botpress Team on Discord.
Sure I will do that