Copied nodes/cards get disconnected or reconnect r...
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I copied and pasted the node in the same flow to avoid repeating it. Now, whenever I update cards in any of these two nodes, the other cards get disconnected or reconnect randomly to different cards/nodes. I can't stop it, and it's a pain to edit and suddenly lose the connection. Then, I must find the place where it was connected. If I don't see this happening, I suddenly get broken connections. To check it: Add a node, add cards like AI Transition, and connect 3 categories in the transition to the other 3 nodes. Next, copy the node with AI Transition and paste it. Add some categories to the first and change one category in the one you pasted. Next, go back to the first one and try to change something. You should lose connections in the pasted node/card/AI Transition. I tried logging out and logging in again, clearing my cache and cookies, etc., but nothing has helped so far. On the image, you can find two same AI Transitions (original and copy), and whenever I change the bottom, the top gets disconnected, as you can see on the screenshot.
I have seen this as well
It started to drive me crazy - how many times I can reconnect it 😉
I believe this happens with "copy paste" nodes. I thought this was fixed, since I haven't had this issue with such nodes, but maybe I have just been lucky. The old fix was to recreate the node manually. Create a new node, and add all of the cards and text manually.
will have the team look into this
This is still an issue