Whatsapp Buttons ERROR
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Greetings everuone, Im building a chatbot for my business using Botpress, I´m currently integrating it with Teams, and Twilio (to WhatsApp). In the logic I added a 'Multiple Choice' card that is a YES or NO, in Teams the buttons appear, however for WhatsApp it's just text instead of the buttons. How can I solve this problem in order that the buttons also appear in whatsapp chats. 1st image: Teams (correct) 2nd image: Whatsapp (incorrect) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1227293857256046642/1227293857561968752/imagen.png?ex=6627e179&is=66156c79&hm=054ce6ba881fed2039505389ee83894e782d620afaa1bdc540282e85a74973e4& https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1227293857256046642/1227293857851506771/imagen.png?ex=6627e179&is=66156c79&hm=aaa366ba5b80ec78febc2e901eefd9838a6cee880bab0f751bd0084b6c10f09e&
@high-summer-44209 The Twilio integration does not support real buttons unfortunately! But you can use the native WhatsApp integration instead of Twilio, which supports buttons
How did you intergrate Twilio with Whatsapp? Please share screenshots