Unexpected user messages
# 🤝help
Hi everyone, what do you do when user send messages to your bot that you dont expect? For example: starting the conversation user says "hi", then I check if I bot remembers this user and if not, asks his name and stores it in user variable. BUT, if user says "Hi", and immediately say: "Wassap?" , the second message gets stored in the next input card (Name) - which is not what I wanted of course. This is a specific scenario, but I would like to get a broader and more professional perspective on how to treat and deal with unexpected messages, because I build my bot with more free conversation and AI tasks then buttons, so there is more room for mistakes. Thank you!
Hello @cold-lizard-78664 how are you capturing the user name? are you using a person name capture card? Here is a video demoing https://vimeo.com/932723937/c49780bea1?share=copy This will help with the immediate need of your Wassap example
For other messages using the other specific capture cards based on what information you are after will help.
Also if you want to ensure a response is within scope of the bot's purpose you can utlize AI tasks to check the user response and ensure its not just garbage.
Let me know if you have any other questions
Wow thanks Sara for this awesome demo, finally figured out how to use this person card, it's nice, although in other languages it doesnt work good. but in other places, I am still trying to understand what to do with messages being "queued"- like if bot is in a loop of AI task figuring out user's needs and direct him at the right direction, if there is a slow down and user manage to "slip in" an extra message, so this extra message being treated as an extra step.
I will try to attach video as well