WhatsApp Integration
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I am trying to integrate my botpress chatbot to WhatsApp. I have a Meta Developer Account but whenever I am trying to create a business portfolio this failure message occurs. That's why I m not able to access WhatsApp Business Platform API. Anyone has any solution?? Is there any alternate way of integrating botpress on WhatsApp through third party application? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1227642670839496726/1227642671288291410/20240410_210009.jpg?ex=66292655&is=6616b155&hm=df8cf8a3824a06b5746292247a4cfc294dc44a32000cc431d24b1bd09397226c&
Hey there Eeva, It seems this is an issue related more related to Meta is it not ? I would suggest asking GpT to solve your Meta issue first as without it you cannot directly access the whatsapp API.
Alright, I ll recheck the issue through gpt guidance. Thanks for taking out your time to reply.
Did you try creating an app in your developer account and then adding WhatsApp to it?