Receiving notifications when a certain node in my ...
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Hi, I am trying to create a chat bot for my online store. One of the functionalities of this bot has to be the ability for the user to leave a message for our professionals to answer. My bot can already take the information that the user gives and put it in a botpress table. The issue that I came across is that I can't find how to receive notifications to my email or anywhere else after a certain node is triggered. Also it would be even better if that notification brought the info that the user gave me (1.Question 2.Name 3.Email). I hope that there is a solution to this.(I am new to Botpress, so sorry if this is a silly cry for help)
Hi, You can try using the "Execute code" card to trigger a webhook on that could send you an email or text message to your mobile or even WhatsApp. You can also take over the conversation with the user by using: You can instantly take over the conversation by sending yourself an email with the Bot Dashboard URL and the (don't send tokens for security reasons). You can use intent card "talk to human" and let users/clients talk to you directly.