Adding a "This session has ended" message.
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Hello, i want that when the chat session ends (with conversation end workflow ) that it displays a message something like: "This session has ended" How ever the only way i found to achieve this is by using a text card, but i want it to be like in the bad photo edited picture have added. Any tips and tricks how i can achieve this? ||I saw i can use node.js and typescript. And this could be a option but can i use my existing bot made in the builder? only as as resort||
thinking abuot it, i could make a transparent image and use the image card to display this, but it would be kinda scuffed
since we mainly use 3 languages
You can set up the end workflow step to send out the text you want at the end. Do you understand what I'm saying?
Just an idea, might be a bit too technical compared to what you want. You could send an event from your bot when the timeout happens. You would receive this event on your websitte. From here you have a few options. The easiest one would be to change the stylesheet: You could use
to change the stylesheet, which could update the look of the chat window.
You could also remove the user input field with this method. Then change it back as soon as a new chat starts
It is not optimal, and I think it would be better to just send out the text like Phil said
That's what i have set up atm, but this does't add the feel to it. I prefer to have the announcement in another style than a message sended by the bot.
i will have a look into this one
I hope this helps