Single Choice showing in chat that does not exist ...
# 🤝help
it's because you're using a single choice but you're expecting your user to input a question
so you should be using a "raw input" card
alternatively, you can solve this problem by simply saving the user question in a variable
the bot is expecting to receive an answer, but it didn't, and is thus treating the capture as a failure
@bumpy-butcher-41910 please take a look at this issue, I am presenting bots to clients and would like to get this fixed thanks
hey it does look like there's a small visual bug here
would it be possible to just collapse the text card into the input card?
@bumpy-butcher-41910 If I put my welcome text in my raw input card then I will have the welcome message on every question as I have a loop, here I have the blank message from the bot on every question, I have found another solution that is maybe interesting to share, I create a new variable workflow.FollowUp with the default value "Ask your question" so the value is not empty when the conversation starts, I put @workflow.FollowUp in the question to ask Raw input field then I create an AI task to generate a update question from event.preview and turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer the result goes to workflow.FollowUp so I fill the blank with a new followup question after every response from KB. I am trying to do the same thing for follow up questions in the choice buttons