Sales oriented Chatbot
# 🤝help
i summarized what you want
The person is developing two chatbots, one for a real estate company and another for an online garden shop, and seeks advice on making them interactive and responsive to user inquiries. The desired functionality includes extracting product or house information from the website, adapting to frequent changes in products and prices, and incorporating detailed documents into a knowledge base. The chatbots should initiate conversations by asking users what they are looking for, gather specifics such as size, price, and material based on user input rather than a predefined set of questions, and then suggest 1-3 products or houses that match the user's description. Additionally, the chatbots should be able to provide detailed product information, pricing, and links to the products, offer an option to add items to the shopping cart, and execute smart upsells or suggest related products. The ultimate goal is to create a user-friendly chatbot that helps customers find products or houses based on their requirements and preferences, provides useful information on usage and maintenance, and enhances the shopping experience with relevant recommendations.
is that correct ?
That is correct but the person doing this is me. Also conversation is started by something else and there are other things the bot does, this is just going to be part of the workflow. What’s your idea on how to do this?
@User I just read your other messsage in #1108396291060408352 - if you did something like this before I‘d highly appreciate any details you can give me on this 🙏🏼
anyone else got ideas for this?
@jolly-policeman-82775 ? 🙂
Im here
its possbiel, but nobody has a template for this.
you have to hire an expert or build it yourself
with the help of the community
i thought you already built one and wanted to explain how you did it?
No i deleted the template
that's very unfortunate but thank you anyways. Anyone else here got a take on this?