Why 0 users but 2K limit used almost completely
# 🤝help
yes, it looks like your bot's stuck in an infinite loop, which will cause it to trigger events
it looks like you have a capture card in your conversation end flow
can you try removing that?
I published again and I think it stopped - I don't know
I don't know what to do
I disconnected the flows (start, trigger)
Publishing to see what is going on
It already went to 99% usage
in couple of minutes
It doesn't help
I don't know what to do?
I can't find the way to stop the bot
And he is using some past error
It was impossible to stop the bot. I don't know what happened.
What should I do now - how to stop it?
It's not connected (start, trigger) but what am I supposed to do now?
@bumpy-butcher-41910 @crooked-van-25152 Can you help me to stop the bot - I can't do anything. It used the limit and is not stopping.
I even disabled the webchat integration and there is nothing I can do or I don't know how to stop it
Hey there, Can you go to your timeout flow and send a screenshot
In other bot I use the cards to show info about timeout and there is no problem. In this one I bypass all cards.
How can bot work if the quota is exceeded - I thought it would stop automatically
state_expired is the event that's triggered when your bot's conversation times out
can you show me your conversation end workflow?
I'm fairly certain the capture card in your conversation end flow is causing this
All are disconnected
I mean bypassed
if you've published your bot after disconnecting everything it shouldn't be doing anything
I know
what's the email associated with this workspace?
and can you share a report ID with me?
should I do it in DM
or here
as you please
from my end, I can see that the events stopped occuring at 10:24 am EST, which is shortly after you opened this thread
and the reason your bot was stuck in a loop was indeed that the capture card was triggering the timeout workflow in an infinite loop