Bot in Slack does not recognise emoji
# 🤝help
hey guys so i created and bot and integrated in slack to manage meetings in calendly. one of the features is that when '❌' this emoji is sent, a transition card checks for that emoji and leads the user doen the cancel route of the bot's workflow and if not continue down another route. now it works as intended in the botpress emulator, infact everything works fine on botpress and slack except this function, idk but it doesnt recognize the emoji in slack and goes doen the other route. i think its how the m=emojis in slack are but i don't know hat to do, please help! I've added some screen shots, you can see the bot response in botpress it detects the emoji and asks if the user wansts to cancel a meeting, on the other hand in slack it doesn't recognize the emoji and responds with the normal menu instead. any help whatsoever will be appreciated, thanks