Help with Guests at a Hotel
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Hi everyone and thanks in advance for the help. I'm working on a project of a hotel and i need the bot to ask the user how many members of the family has he come with and what are the ages and genders of everyone he selects or tells (depending on the way i design the card). the thing is that later in the conversation, i want the bot to suggest activities (found in the KB) for them to participate on, based on those variables "age and gender". Do you guys know a way to achieve that? Thank you so much!
you can use query knowledge base card in the agents section, can ask a question like "suggest some activities for this group workflow.age and workflow.gender", it will suggest activities from knowledge base
you could also consider diverging the path your bot takes using flow logic cards
in other words, you could define flow logic as follows: if age is > x, if gender = y, etc etc
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Hey man, thanks for the reply and indeed, this helps a lot. Now, can you recommend a way to ask the user about their ages and the genders? i mean, i need to know the specific ages and genders of all the guests once they've done check-in and they have the room keys. my idea is to have a QR code in the room itself for them to scan it and access the bot. once they get the link, i ask them for the language and then i tell them to choose between general information or smart booking, which is the actual suggestion of internal activities of the hotel such as gym, spa, restaurant, kids area, etc. but to do that, i need to know their ages and genders separately to process that data and make the proper suggestions. Any ideas? Woould you like me to share what i've done so far? Thanks!
I have a knowledgebase which searches the web. I am trying to make sure my output cites the website. Or can take people to the link of the website where it is answering from. Does anyone know hot to achieve this? Thanks in advance