Create Paid Version of Bot
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I would like to build my bot so that a user can use it for free (partially). After a certain amount of requests, however, the bot should only respond if a user has a certain subscription. Is that something that is easy to do and can you do it with the builder directly? If not, is there anybody who knows how to do it or has some valuable resources? Would be highly appreciated! 🙂
Here's an example of such a bot:
Hey @elegant-flower-77646, there's not an easy way to do this in Botpress now. As a workaround, you could make two bots: * A limited version of your bot lives on a publicly available website and it cuts off after a certain threshold * An unlocked version of your bot lives on a more secured channel, like a private Telegram or a webpage that requires a login. Users would have to get a login before they can talk to this full bot
Your best bet would be doing your user authentication and payment outside of Botpress and then hosting your bot past that paywall.
Thanks for the quick answer and actionable input @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 ! One follow-up if I may: Is it possible to limit the bot through Botpress? If that was the case, I guess I'd be halfway there.
You can create a user variable and count messages there
Awesome, thanks a lot for your help @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 . Have a great day!
Thanks buddy, you too 🚀
Just my two cents: Have the free bot tell the user what insights/benefits the paid version has. So don't just cut it off, have the AI give some context based on the transcript on the value of the full version. Not sure if that will work for your case, but for me, a free bot can walk them through a discovery process and help them define the problem.... but the paid one will give specific analysis and feedback on their questions. Have the free one tell tease a vague summary of the analysis and what insights the paid one has
Something like what ForeverVoices are doing with KarynAI? 1 free room for info and the 2nd is the paid version of the chatbot... Are they using botpress? Or is it a custom one?
Yeah, I'm also looking to do something similar.. the question is... Which channel would be the best for this: Telegram? Whatsapp? TG has the ability to take payments within the app, Can you do the same with WA?