Install NPM dependencies
# 👀feature-requests
The packages we do have are a great start but it would be fantastic to access the NPM ecosystem from the execute code action. I'm honestly not sure how this could be done beyond using deno as a runtime for the execute code action.
Hey @early-camera-62649 , just curious about which libs you need. I think any lib that doesn't require node bindings or that supports WASM could be doable in the runtime itself without resorting to a deno or making an API call. Obviously we want to keep actions lightweight and encourage users to make an API for anything compute-heavy
I absolutely understand, this was more of a long term goal that i thought might be good to have. Im using Supabase as a backend and wanted to use the js sdk but worst case i can resort to using the REST api or create a server side function to access their sdk. There are definitely some other dependencies i use frequently that would be nice to have but the supabase sdk was the major one. For the time being i can definitely use edge functions from supabase or nextjs for this but in the future it would be nice to have npm deps as an option. I don’t personally think the Supabase sdk specifically needs to be built into the runtime unless there are a lot of people interested in such an integration.
Thanks for the additional context Jacob. If we were to add additional libraries for everyone, would it be safe to say you would prioritize npm libraries that connect to databases, like knex?
I haven't used knex before but from a quick glance yes any libraries that connect to databases or sdk's to popular platforms like firebase would be excellent!