App connection and API connection question
# 🤝help
I would like to ask a few questions listed below, can I please get some advice from mods and other member that some idea on how to do it? - Connect the botpress plugin to an api for a list of data that I have as using doc file or pdf or table is not enough API would allow me to connect the data and data can remain updated all the time. - Get it to connect to location like map or gps, so i can recommended them to closet store for more info and details - Connect this to a booking system where people can book like appointments or pick up time, - Connect it to some form of payment gateway or connect it to a give a link (website link) where buyer can by product directly Any advice on above would be great
You can do all of that with an API (I have that setup), I have used stripe for payments and that works as well. The only thing I didn't get to work was the Google maps locations but to be fair, I didn't give it a lot of effort. You could always try to get the API to work