Categorizing the user's question, then sending the...
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Hello everybody! I've checked the whole discord community, but found nothing. So I'm creating a chatbot which has a basic knowledgebase, and to the question the users ask, the AI can answer from that base. Okay. But on top of that I want it to kind of categorize those questions, and if it falls to one of the category, the chatbot (on top of the basic answer from the KB) can ask if the user want to read more about it and ask for email and send a link with an ebook which can help for that specific question. The problem is I have 3 ebooks, so the chatbot have to choose, which one to send to the user, based on the user's question. Is it possible somehow? IF yes, how, can somebody direct me in the right direction?
Yes, I would probably suggest you use the AI function where you write to chatgpt that you want a prompt for an AI, which makes it able to do (put in what you want here). That is my suggestion a good idea is to end the prompt you are sending to chatgpt with the following text. "Before you answer any questions I want you to tell me if there's any other information, that you need to know to give me a better answer. If not then please provide me the answer." that prompt is in general very good when you are starting a new chat with gpt. The reason is chatGPT normally knows more about what it needs than we do. So when you end your request with that sentence it will either give you what you want or ask a follow-up question. Hope this helped you. Just write in this thread if you need more of a direction then I will see the notification next time a come by.