KB reading issue
# 🤝help
Hi botpress team, I've updated the text in my KB, stating that there should be a discount of .5% interest rate if the CIBIL score is >750. But in the chat, when i asked the question whether i'll get the discount for the score of 745, the bot is saying YES. Is this a bug? what is the solution? I tested this after 5mins of updating the KB, i think that gap is enough to read the document by the bot. PFA for the screenshot.


hey @billowy-magazine-87110, LLMs like GPT 3.5 can have diffculty with reasoning tasks. One way you can try to improve your bot's reasoning is by modifying the knowledge agent's prompt. In the knowledge agent, try adding instructions for the model to first think about the problem, reason, and then give an answer. This is a popular technique called chain of thought prompting, you can read more about it here https://www.promptingguide.ai/techniques/cot