Ai task not answering from knowledge base?
# 🤝help
Hello, I am trying to build a chatbot that recommends yoga classes based on user inputs eg. skill level. But the Ai task is providing recommendations based on things that are NOT in the knowledge base even though knowledge base answering and knowledge agent is enabled. How can I fix this? ("Beginner's slow and meditative class" is NOT in the knowledge base)

I am not a part of Botpress's team, but from my experience experimenting with AI Task - when you only use AI Task, it will only use ChatGPT and it will answer however it wants. Not so reliable... If you want to manipulate the knowledge base answer using AI Task, then you need to use the manual knowledge base (Query) which will then extract the answer from the KB, hand it over to the AI Task, manipulate it based on your insturctions, and only then it will send the output to the user. Also, you are using a simple multi/single questions capture card, so why use knowledge base in the first place? You can create a manual text node that answers the user based on his input: "Slower & Meditative". The knowledge base has a hard time understanding the user's input when it is not a question. Since you are building a chatbot that recommends yoga classes based on user inputs, I would just create simple manual text nodes. But maybe I misunderstood your goal with this bot, I dont know...