How to auto advance through the greeting?
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I've got a start node leading to a greeting node that has an expression which should "always" send the user to the request for input. When the bot loads, I want to have that greeting message appear automatically, but it always waits for the user to input text...then it loads the greeting message. Is there any way to have the greeting message load when the page loads rather than wait for a user input to drive the greeting?
To do this you need to use a trigger. See video here:

and to upgrade it even more !
connect the start button to a node, then add an expression inside of that node.
then click on the expression, and you will see a word that says label.
Now click onside of that box under the word lavel and paste in the following: event.userID is not an uuid
and then press enter on your keyboard. And then connect that expression to the greeting node
thank you - worked like a champ!
To upgrade even more - as in to make faster?
depends on reagen, if your in the uk the bot will be slow in vientam, and botpress is hosted in canada or america
i dont know the full story
got it thx