choice --> AI response from KB?
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Been looking around and checking out videos but missing something, I'm trying to make a simple choice scenario, where the user has options, a generic example, in this case "trucks and cars" and then these choices are connected to nodes that contain AI task cards, I can't seem to figure out how to get the AI bot to respond to the choice the user has made, based on the provided Knowledge base. I also tried generate AI card, but it seems to generate a web based ai response not specific to the KB, been looking for videos and reading over other help requests, but can't seem to find specifically what I'm looking for.
perhaps I'm not groking this correctly, any point in the right direction would be helpful. 🙂
Here are some helpful videos

I have a similar issue @gorgeous-father-94116 I keep getting web based responses as well. @fresh-fireman-491 will watch those videos, thanks!
I did notice using Raw Input allows for the choice of Knowledge Base to use - this may have solved my issue.
@plain-table-61643 I didn't have much luck with getting it to work the way I wanted via the information in the videos, but I did manage to set things up differently, by using a Query Knowledge base card by using the {{event.preview}} for the query input, it seems to pass the info from the Choice card onto the QKB card, still can't figure out how to make it work with the AI task card though. not entirely sure these videos apply to my need. To be honest I wish the docs were a bit more thorough. they can be helpful, but I find it a bit challenging to watch through hours of videos to find specifics of what I'm looking for.
i got AI task cards to work within a node with a raw input, although I've found it a bit inconsistent. using {{ => a.dsFriendlyName + "\n" + a.content).join("\n\n")}} as the "AI task input" and asking it to summarize the output in the "task instructions" although really wierd behavior there too, at first I asked it to summarize to two sentences, and it worked fine, then asked it to summarize to four sentences, and it spit out almost the entire KB that pertained to the subject, like 12 paragraphs. lol. then I changed it back to two. and now it ust spits out - {{ => a.dsFriendlyName + "\n" + a.content).join("\n\n")}} no idea what's going honestly found the output to be somewhat buggy most of the time and inconsistent, when I do get it to work......don't know whey changing how many sentences to summarize into would result in such huge different outcomes.
Yeah, ive actually noticed where ill remove knowledge base input, and somehow it continues to remember what I removed. That, if a bug, is a fairly large one - but I have noticed that even small bugs exist. Every so often, while I work in a different part of the bot, way up at the front of the conversation only 1 pin - the same one every time - will be randomly disconnected without me touching it. So it does seem like there could be bugs, big and small.
I think I've found the task instructions field to be somewhat sensitive to what it's asked to do, I need to be very specific, unfortunetly there's not a lot of info out there yet that I've found as to what it wants, this seems to have worked for me "Summarize the user input in four sentences do not include the page title or any other information, and store the answer in a variable called general" "store the answer" part seems to make all the difference, although not sure why that would matter....still though AI task only works for me in the same node with a RAW input though, would still like to figure out how to go from a choice card to an AI task 🤔
and yeah for sure on the remembering things, I've changed choice options a few times only to have it still respond based on what that previous choice was. like if I change "cars" to "trucks" and select "trucks" it will still give me a KB result based on "cars" i dunno. I'm sure the memory aspect is a feature on some levels for continuing conversation, and maybe if I re-publish and clear the cache in a browser, but with testing in the emulator it makes it tough, not sure how to go about clearing it's memory. hmmm, still learning the ins and outs....